What do Jerry McGuire and Real Estate have in common?

Do you remember that scene from Jerry McGuire where he has that sleepless night that prompts him to write a manifesto about how the sports agent role should be more about personal attention and a personal relationship? The next day he loses his high profile job and his career becomes hinged to the relationship he builds with his sole client?


As I work through my day-to-day in real estate I am reminded of the essence in this storyline. It dramatizes the essential differences between working with a real estate team or partnering with an individual agent. Quality over quantity, mass production versus specialist the clichés go on and on. So I thought I would share my top three reasons why listing with an individual agent may be the right move:

1) They know your story – There is a personal story behind every house that is listed for sale and this remains a central consideration when working with an agent who has taken time to listen and understand your unique situation. You will be treated as one IN a million and not one OF a million.
2) They are the one stop shop – Partnering with an individual agent means gaining an expert in your home. He or she will know the intimate details about what is inside, outside and around. As the seller you can trust that your agent will be the one person you can go to directly for assistance and answers.
3) They are accountable – There is only one place to point the finger when working with an individual agent. They assume the responsibility of delivering on the promises that have been made and cannot hide behind the mistakes of anyone else. They become your primary advocate and will know what is happening with the transaction every step of the way.


It would be unfair to overlook the opportunities that working with a team bring to the home selling process. I have after all spent over 15 years in sports coaching and truly appreciate the value of teamwork and the advantages of different perspectives and diverse skills.


However selling your home is not always simply a business transaction. It is often cased with all the emotions of leaving a place where you have raised a family and built memories. An individual agent can bring the personal touch that respects those important life events while also delivering the result you desire.


Written by Nitan Soni

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