February 8, 2018
Coach At The Coast

Who has the advantage in todays Real Estate market?

“How is the real estate market these days?” Is typically one of the first questions people ask after they find out that I have a real estate business. I often find myself huddled with a group of intrigued home buyers, sellers, and owners all trying to understand what impact the market activity will have on their future decisions.


November 1, 2017
Coach At The Coast

Dear First Time Home Buyer: Part 2

Dear First-Time home buyer

I hope that the comments in my last note were useful and you feel less intimidated about the path to home ownership. My role as your REALTOR is to offer guidance and advice so you can make informed decisions throughout the process. In this letter, I am going to explain the steps you will take once you have found the home you want and completed the mortgage pre-qualification process.


September 2, 2017
Coach At The Coast

Dear First Time Home Buyer: Part 1

Hey First Time Home Buyer! I am super excited that you guys have started to explore the idea of home ownership. The home buying process can be complicated; there are many things to consider and significant decisions to be made. As a first-time home buyer, the information can be overwhelming and the nerves of making such a big financial commitment can be distracting. You can certainly help to ease the anxiety by using all of the resources available to you. Your primary help will be your REALTOR, but there are other people that will help you to navigate the path to home ownership. (more…)

March 1, 2017
Coach At The Coast

Questions you’re not asking your real estate agent that are costing you time and money.

The coastal real estate season has already begun and there is a sense of optimism that this will be a strong year for home ownership. If you plan on being active in the real estate market then it is time to play catch up because the starting gates have already opened. (more…)

September 20, 2016
Coach At The Coast

Q. How can you make 5% return on your investment?

A. Buy a real estate investment property in Rehoboth DE.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves it is important to begin by understanding the topography of the 1 square mile that is Rehoboth Beach. We already know there is a demand, the 15-week season will attract an estimated 2 million visitors compared to the 1500 year round residents. But it takes a little more expertise to know what combination of natural and physical features will provide the greatest return on investment. (more…)

August 27, 2016
Coach At The Coast

As seen on TV!

Segment from WBOC DelmarvaLife:


July 19, 2016
Coach At The Coast

What do Jerry McGuire and Real Estate have in common?

Do you remember that scene from Jerry McGuire where he has that sleepless night that prompts him to write a manifesto about how the sports agent role should be more about personal attention and a personal relationship? The next day he loses his high profile job and his career becomes hinged to the relationship he builds with his sole client? (more…)

May 20, 2016
Coach At The Coast

Buying from a Builder? Use a REALTOR

A retired couple recently contacted me and has been considering a move to the Delaware coast. The big motivator is of course resort living in a state where property tax is the fourth lowest in the country and sales tax is non-existent. Their question for me was very simple “Do we need a REALTOR ® to help us buy a home from a builder?” This is a question that many others have since majority of homes in our county are new construction and the honest answer is… No you don’t. But lets take a step back and consider this for a second. Is this answer not also true when deciding whether to hire an attorney to defend you in a legal case? You don’t need representation but you really should if you want the best chance of a fair outcome. You can go into that courtroom and go toe to toe with the other side but they have the advantage of knowing the system and will do whatever necessary to make sure their agenda prevails. (more…)

April 4, 2016
Coach At The Coast

Annoying: Mosquitoes and Unexpected Fees

As every day passes we inch closer and closer to bike rides at Cape Henlopen State park, evening strolls to get ice cream at Kings and the smells and sounds of Rehoboth boardwalk. It is with same anticipation that I know there will be a time soon where I find myself annoyed at mosquitoes getting drunk at the Nitan Tavern and Saloon. We do what we can to prepare, we cover ourselves in all kinds of repugnantly smelling chemicals but still they find the one landing strip free and clear from protection. (more…)

January 4, 2016
Coach At The Coast

Real or Spiel – The difference in Great Customer Service

My family and I were recently traveling through New Jersey and decided to stop at Ponzios diner to grab some food on the way home. The diner was busy as all NJ diners seem to be, but we were seated quickly and the server came right over to greet us. From the moment she introduced herself the service we received was the best that I can remember in a long time. What made this particular experience so great and noteworthy? Well she was attentive to our needs (and having a six year old we have many!) she was patient and friendly, but what really set her apart was how she went above and beyond to make the visit an exceptional one. (more…)